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1 Shrimp Farm Water System in Chachoengsao, Thailand 2022-10-14
2 Villa House Water System in Chonburi Province, Thailand 2022-09-23
3 Riverbank Protection in Tainan, Taiwan 2022-09-02
4 Niaozuei Reservoir Utility Hole Drain in Nantou, Taiwan 2022-08-19
5 Lovego Plaza Effluent Recycling System in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2022-07-28
6 National Science and Technology Museum Drain System in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2022-07-22
7 Pumping Station Expansion in Kaohsiung Mituo District, Taiwan 2022-07-08
8 Flood Control Measure in Tainan, Taiwan 2022-06-24
9 Hyporheic Flow Demonstration Site in Pingtung, Taiwan 2022-06-10
10 Solar Power and Aquaculture in Pingtung, Taiwan 2022-05-27
11 Sanmin District Flood Control in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2022-04-29
12 Beach Apartment Construction Dewatering in Concon, Chile 2022-04-29
13 Tianliao Moon World Water Pump Station for Flood Control in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2022-04-22
14 Xixi National Wetland Park Sewage Lifting System in Hangzhou, China 2022-04-08
15 Taoyuan Airport MRT Daylighting Section at A15 Dayuan Station in Taoyuan, Taiwan 2022-04-01
16 Waterscape Fountain for the 10th China Flower Expo in Shanghai, China 2022-03-17
17 Pingtung Industrial Zone Wastewater Project, Pingtung, Taiwan 2022-03-11
18 RO Purification System in Taiwan Shuinan Water Reclamation Plant 2022-02-16
19 Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park - Waste Water Treatment for Yai Tai Operational Center for Aquaculture, YTOCA 2022-01-27
20 New construction of The Suhua Highway No.9 Nan' ao ,Wuta segment-The water bundling project of pier foundation excavation 2022-01-21
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