The Project of Desalination Plant Expansion at Kinmen County, Taiwan


                                        AL Series - Submersible Wastewater / Effluent Pumps

◎ Description:

Kinmen is an island formed by the sea level rising. Due to the limited rainfall and the natural landform on the island, the existing water sources are unable to meet the daily water demand. Moreover, the groundwater salinization in some areas causes a threat of water shortage in the island. Therefore, the government initiated the project to expand the desalination plant on the scope to improve the shortage of the water resources in Kinmen, improve the proportion of water sources, and diversifying water resources in the future.
Owing to the poor raw water quality, the previous desalination plant suffered problems of overloading of sand filter resulting in clogging of the Reverse Osmosis system and insufficient water supply. The daily water production was only 2,000 tons with high processing cost as much as NT$70 per a cubic meter of water.
Now, after expansion with operating HCP pumps, the production capacity is doubled to 4,000 tons per day and reduced cost to NT$31.5 per a cubic meter of water. This will not only stabilize the water supply for the local residence but also benefit the tourism industry.



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